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A children's dentist can cover all aspects of your children's oral health. A children's dentist may suggest several procedures depending on your child's specific needs. However, the more common treatments involve cavity fillings and dental exams. A children's dentist can also do tooth therapeutic, restorative, and preventative treatments. The following covers some of the more common dental services for children.

Baby teeth cavity fillings

Cavities in children are also known as early childhood caries (ECC). These EECs are usually a light brown color and tend to be on biting surfaces. They are common in the primary molars. However, they can also form on the canines or incisors.

If left untreated, the bacteria might spread to the nearby teeth. That can cause more serious dental health concerns. A few treatments are available to children, including composite fillings and amalgam fillings, to prevent cavities from spreading.

Space maintainers

Sometimes, a baby tooth falls out prematurely. Damage, disease, or excessive decay are all reasons a baby tooth can come out before it should. Baby teeth, also known as milk or primary teeth, are vital when making room for permanent teeth.

Milk teeth save space and help guide the permanent teeth into place. When baby teeth fall out prematurely, they can negatively affect the eruption of the permanent teeth. Therefore, a children's dentist will recommend a space maintainer to keep the area open when primary teeth are lost before their time. In addition, space maintainers can also prevent misalignment or overcrowding. Well-aligned and properly spaced teeth are not only important for how a smile looks but also improve chewing function and speech.

Dental sealants for children

The enamel on the baby teeth is thinner than the enamel on the adult teeth. That means cavities can develop more easily and even with good brushing habits. Also, the back surfaces of the molars often have deeper grooves in them than adult teeth. These deeper groves can trap more bacteria and make cavities more likely to form.

The good news is that dental sealants can cover chewing surfaces. These sealants will form a physical barrier in the fissures preventing plaque and debris from getting caught and leading to cavities. In addition, these sealants are painless to receive and can protect the teeth for up to 10 years.

The process of getting sealants is simple and only takes a few minutes. After prepping the teeth, the dentist paints the teeth surfaces with the sealant solution and then hardens the solution with a special curing light. Adults can also get sealants, but it is more common for children.

Dental crowns for children

Dental crowns are typically associated with adults. However, sometimes a child will need this restoration for a baby tooth. After all, losing a baby tooth too early can lead to problems with a person's smile later on.

Often, a child who needs to have a dental crown will get a stainless steel one. These metal caps can restore fractured, decayed, or damaged baby teeth. In addition, if the fillings fail, a cap can restore the child's tooth. One reason for this is that the caps are both strong and durable. Sometimes, the cap might also be used to restore the permanent tooth until a permanent crown is ready.

Mouthguard for children

Just like with adults, sports accidents and teeth grinding can be detrimental to the teeth. Therefore, a children's dentist may suggest a child wear a mouth guard to help protect their primary and emerging adult teeth from damage that could lead to problems later on.

Often, children who take part in sports will receive mouthguards. Sports injuries can be common in children, especially if they play high-contact sports like soccer or basketball. These protective devices can reduce the chances of injury to the lips, gums, face, or teeth. A mouthguard may also be worn if the child grinds their teeth during the night. The mouth guard will help reduce the chances of tooth fractures. In addition, for children and young teens who have orthodontics, there are special mouthguards that accommodate orthodontic work like braces.

Visit a children's dentist today

There are many ways that your child can benefit from seeing a children's dentist. Even if your child's teeth seem healthy, things might not be what they seem. With dental sealants, crowns, and other treatments, your child can benefit from a healthier smile. Making an appointment today can help you better care for your child's dental health.

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