How to Choose Between Dental Restoration Options

How to Choose Between Dental Restoration Options from Dental 32 in Phoenix, AZHealthy teeth are important for many reasons. Strong teeth make it easier to chew food, enunciate speech properly, and even breathe better. Many people also feel more confident when they have strong, healthy teeth that help to create a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, some people are predisposed to decay, fractures, or broken teeth and will need to learn about the options for dental restorations.

Choosing the right restoration option

There are several things a patient must consider when deciding on a restorative dental procedure.

Understand the differences

Not all restoration options are created equally. The right type of dental procedure for a patient will vary depending on the type of damage to the teeth. There are several different options available.

  • Bridges – Bridges “bridge” the gap between two natural teeth. The false teeth are anchored on either side with crowns and are a permanent replacement. Bridges can be made from alloy, gold, porcelain, or a combination of materials.
  • Crowns – When used alone, crowns help to restore a tooth’s shape and size as well as to improve appearance and strength. Crowns can also be used with partial dentures or implants as a way to hold them in place and maintain their appearance.
  • Dentures – Dentures provide the same functionality as implants with the key difference being that they are removable. They are typically made of acrylic resin and may include metal attachments.
  • Fillings – These are the most common restoration option. Patients who have cavities in an otherwise healthy tooth can have the hole filled in. Material options include composite resin that looks like a natural tooth, silver amalgam, or gold.
  • Implants – Patients who want a permanent solution for missing teeth often consider dental implants. Implants are created using a combination of titanium posts anchored into the jawbone along with an abutment that is used to hold the dental crown in place.

Talk about the price

The cost of dental restorations varies greatly depending on the procedure done, the materials used, and the amount that a patient's dental insurance will cover. When considering a restoration procedure, it is important for the patient to determine what is affordable. For example, many insurance providers cover dentures, but not all of them will pay for implants. Of course, it is important to consider cost overall as well. Dentures are more affordable in the short term but typically need to be replaced every 10-20 years. Implants are more expensive upfront but will probably last the rest of a person's life if taken care of properly.

Listen to the dentist

Above all else, a patient should listen to the dentist when deciding on a dental procedure. Years of special education and experience help to ensure the dentist knows what is right for a patient's oral health. For example, a person may want permanent dental implants. Unfortunately, some people will not have enough bone to properly construct implants. In these situations, a dentist will likely recommend removable dentures instead.

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Choosing between dental restorations does not need to be hard or confusing. Ask your dentist for more information about your options.

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