How a Kid Friendly Dentist Helps to Establish Good Oral Hygiene

How a Kid Friendly Dentist Helps to Establish Good Oral Hygiene from Dental 32 in Phoenix, AZA kid-friendly dentist can treat a range of oral health concerns. However, their primary focus is on helping children prevent oral health concerns from developing through good oral hygiene at home. This includes offering educational services to ensure parents and children have all of the information they need to keep a consistent oral care routine and prevent the need for restorative care.

Educational services from a kid-friendly dentist

A kid-friendly dentist can help establish good oral hygiene through educational services. This involves teaching children how to keep a consistent oral care routine that consists of brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash daily. They also help children understand the importance of regular check-up visits and cleanings.

Teaching children how to brush properly

Teaching children how to brush properly is very important to do at a young age. Otherwise, they are at a much higher risk of developing dental cavities to their primary teeth and eventually to their permanent teeth once they come through. Proper brushing technique is also something that children can take with them into their teenage and adult years.

Help establish a consistent oral care routine

The most notable key to good oral hygiene is consistency. Going entire days without brushing or flossing can significantly increase the risk of oral health concerns. Kid-friendly dentists help parents teach children how to get into a normal daily routine that includes practicing good oral hygiene.

Checking for oral health concerns

The earlier oral health concerns are detected, the easier they are to treat. Kid-friendly dentists teach children and their parents how to check for oral health concerns between check-up visits. If any issues are detected, they are then able to get the prompt care they need to prevent the concern from worsening.

Making smart dietary choices

Educating children and their parents on the ways food and drinks affect oral health can help in preventing conditions or diseases from developing. Good oral hygiene should include limiting sugar consumption and practicing good oral care after consuming foods and drinks that could contribute to cavities, periodontal disease, and other oral health issues.

Regular check-up visits and cleanings

Most good oral hygiene takes place at home, but it is not a replacement for check-up visits and cleanings. Good oral hygiene should include a check-up visit with the dentist every four to six months. These appointments can be encouraged by the kid-friendly dentist so that the parent and child both understand.

Reducing the risk of dental trauma

Children are typically at a higher risk of dental trauma as they often are more physically active. It is important to take action to reduce the risk of a blow to the face by wearing a mouthguard during physical activity, and teaching children to be careful while playing outside.

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