How a Kid Friendly Dentist Can Make Dental Trips More Fun

How a Kid Friendly Dentist Can Make Dental Trips More Fun from Dental 32 in Phoenix, AZA kid-friendly dentist offers a friendly environment and services that are primarily for children to help them feel more comfortable with every visit. This helps children create healthy dental habits at a young age and reduces the risk of developing dental anxiety or dental phobia as they grow older.

The advantages to choosing a kid-friendly dentist

The benefits of visiting a kid-friendly dentist include comfortable and relaxed care, specialized treatment, and more effective communication and education to help children create healthy habits at home. The following are some of the ways a kid-friendly dentist can make their office more fun and friendly for children.

A friendly dental team

The best dentists are friendly with all patients and make everyone feel comfortable, but this is particularly important when dealing with children. Kid-friendly dentists get their reputation largely by being friendy. This encourages children to ask more questions and they ultimately feel much more comfortable during the visit, ensuring they do not view future visits in a negative way.

A colorful environment

Although it may seem subtle, having a more colorful dental office can help children feel much more comfortable. Kid-friendly dentists typically have a more kid-friendly design to their office, and many even include play areas, coloring books, and other fun ways for kids to interact and enjoy their visit.

Fun rewards for bravery

Many kid-friendly dentists also believe in rewarding children for being brave by providing them with small gifts before leaving the office. This also helps them create healthy habits as it relates to visiting the dentist regularly. Small rewards also give children a reason to look forward to visiting the dentist again in the future.

Easy to understand communication

Kid-friendly dentists understand how to communicate with children to help them feel comfortable. This allows children to open up about concerns they may have and ask more questions, which makes it easier to find ways to help them have a better experience during each dental visit.

Minimally invasive treatment options

Kid-friendly dentists try and minimize the invasiveness of procedures to avoid creating any bad memories. They may make accommodations to help the child, such as allowing them to listen to music, creating hand signals so the patient can communicate during the procedure, and allowing their parent to sit beside them during treatment.

Surrounded by other kid patients

Children are often surrounded by other patients that are the same age at a kid-friendly dentist office. This helps them feel more comfortable as if they belong, reducing the level of dental anxiety they experience and allowing them to enjoy each visit as they get to see kids that are their own age.

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Speak with a kid-friendly dentist about treatment for your child

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