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Teeth whitening at the dentist offers advantages such as speed, reliability, customization, and a more thorough job. The benefits of whiter teeth include higher self-esteem and confidence. Professional teeth whitening delivers optimal results in a short period of time.

If you want to achieve a healthy, beautiful looking smile, teeth whitening at the dentist may be right for you. Teeth whitening is available at Dental 32 in Phoenix and the surrounding area. Call us at (602) 466-9906 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

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    Benefits of Teeth Whitening at the Dentist

    The most obvious benefit of teeth whitening at the dentist is a whiter, brighter smile. Professional whitening sessions provide more effective and more even results. While over-the-counter whitening kits can help improve light stains, they cannot treat more severe discoloration that a dentist can.

    Another benefit of teeth whitening at the dentist is a customized treatment approach. While over-the-counter kits are one size fits all, our team provides customized treatment to fit each patient’s preferences and needs. Whitening teeth at home with store-bought products can also cause gum damage and make teeth more sensitive. Our experienced team monitors patients and adjusts treatment concentrations to keep them comfortable and safe throughout the procedure.

    “While over-the-counter kits are one size fits all, our team provides customized treatment to fit each patient’s preferences and needs.”

    Teeth Whitening Options at the Dentist

    Various teeth whitening options are available at the dentist. Our team works with each patient to determine the right treatment for their needs. The two main professional teeth whitening options are tray-based whitening and in-office whitening.

    Tray-based whitening involves filling a tray with a whitening gel solution made of a peroxide-bleaching agent. Depending on the degree of discoloration, people will wear the trays for a few hours each day or at night for a few weeks or longer. In-office teeth whitening involved applying the bleaching agent directly to teeth combined with heat, a special light, or a laser. People who are interested in teeth whitening should speak to us about the available treatment options.

    “Our team works with each patient to determine the right treatment for their needs.”

    The Process of Teeth Whitening at the Dentist

    While there are various teeth whitening treatments, there are some standard steps that occur. First, we will polish the teeth and gums to get rid of plaque and tartar. Then we will isolate the mouth to protect the cheeks, lips, and tongue from the bleaching agent. We will coat the teeth with the bleaching agent and activate it with a curing light, laser, or heat to activate the peroxide. After waiting 30 to 60 minutes and the patient’s teeth reaches the optimal shade, the teeth are rinsed.

    Some patients visit only once for whitening, while others make multiple visits. Patients may also be fitted for professional whitening trays they use at home, whether they underwent a whitening procedure in the office or not. These professional kits are less likely to leak and to damage patients' gums than store-bought kits. Our team supervises each procedure to ensure that patients are safe and comfortable.

    “Our team supervises each procedure to ensure that patients are safe and comfortable.”

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    Top Reasons to Bleach Teeth

    Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures, with about 37 million Americans using teeth whiteners in 2020. People bleach their teeth for various reasons. The biggest reason is to combat discoloration and stains due to aging, smoking, and certain foods and drinks.

    Whiter teeth can help people look healthier and more youthful. Teeth whitening is a great way to get ready for a special occasion or event such as a wedding, anniversary, or graduation. A person’s smile also plays a large part in their confidence. Having a white and bright smile can boost confidence and self-esteem.

    “Whiter teeth can help people look healthier and more youthful.”

    In-Home Treatments

    People whose gums are in good shape, who have no fillings, and who need just light stain removal may be good candidates for in-home treatment. It is always to consult with a dentist to see if they recommend it. People who decide to pursue at home-treatment should look for the ADA seal on products. The seal shows that products have met certain standards for safety and effectiveness. The ADA keeps a list of these products approved for bleaching.

    While in-home treatments are convenient, store-bought kits are not as effective as professional in-home kits. This professional tray-based whitening treatment is a great option for people who want whiter teeth without going to the office. People interested in whitening their teeth should have a consultation with our team to discuss the best, most effective options.

    “People whose gums are in good shape, who have no fillings, and who need just light stain removal may be good candidates for in-home treatment.”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How much does teeth whitening at the dentist cost?

    A. The cost will vary for each patient, depending on the treatment and how many sessions. Some patients will have multiple sessions, while others finish with dentist-provided professional trays at home. Some patients need procedures such as teeth cleaning before they get whitening, which can add to the overall cost.

    Q. How quickly do patients see results with professional tooth whitening?

    A. Most people will see results right away. The first visit can whiten patients' teeth by as many as three shades. With repeated visits, patients can get teeth eight shades whiter.

    Q. Is one teeth whitening procedure at the dentist enough for a lifetime?

    A. No, although the white smile should last several years or more. This is especially true when patients avoid foods and beverages that stain their teeth. It also helps if they do not smoke and if they use whitening toothpaste.

    Q. How effective is teeth whitening at the dentist versus doing it yourself at home?

    A. Professional treatments at a dentist's office are noticeably more effective. Patients' smiles are usually whiter and stay that way longer. However, patients with healthy teeth and gums and only light tooth staining may benefit from at-home bleaching treatments with the ADA seal. Always talk with your doctor or dentist before whitening at home.

    Q. Is professional teeth whitening safer than at-home whitening?

    A. Yes. Some people whiten at home when they are not good candidates for whitening at all. They may have crowns, receding gums, gum disease, or another issue that may react poorly to the treatment. Dental professionals perform whitening only on qualified candidates, and a dentist supervises the process. This catches any side effects quicker, and they can be addressed on the spot.

    Quality Dental Services Can Transform Your Smile

    By visiting us as soon as possible, our team can help get you the professional treatment you need. Instead of waiting around and allowing the symptoms to get worse, we can provide you with treatment options.

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    Cosmetic Dentistry Terminology

    Bleachorexia is when people continue to abuse teeth whitening solutions without consulting professionals, causing significant damage to their enamel and gums in the process.
    Carbamide Peroxide
    Carbamide peroxide is a solution that contains hydrogen peroxide and can help to whiten teeth.
    Cosmetic Dentistry
    Cosmetic dentistry is generally used to refer to any dental work that improves the appearance (though not necessarily the function) of a person’s teeth, gums and/or bite.
    Deeper Teeth Stains
    Deeper teeth stains are stains that require professional oral health services and can result from certain foods, beverages or improper oral hygiene.
    Dentin Hypersensitivity
    Dentin hypersensitivity is when the enamel wears down on the tooth enough that the dentin faces exposure and will cause great levels of pain when a person applies pressure to the tooth or drinks hot/cold beverages.
    A dentist, also known as a dental surgeon, is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity.
    Hydrogen Peroxide
    Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound in teeth whitening solutions that patients use to whiten the shade of their teeth.
    Relief ACP
    Relief ACP stands for amorphous calcium phosphate, which helps to relieve the pain in sensitive teeth in a gel form.
    Stained Dentin
    Stained dentin can result from certain foods and beverages with a lack of proper brushing. Dental professionals can provide whitening treatments to brighten the teeth.
    Surface Enamel
    The surface enamel is the hard outer shell that protects the dentin and pulp of the teeth. The enamel is the surface that people see when one smiles.
    Surface Teeth Stains
    While surface teeth stains can be inevitable with age, certain foods and beverages will only promote discoloration and faded teeth.
    Teeth Whitening Concentrate
    Teeth whitening concentrate is the bleaching agent that whitens the shade of teeth, which is more effective from a professional and not a general store product.

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    Teeth whitening at the dentist produces quick and effective results that people can be proud of. Our team at Dental 32 can help. Call us today at 602-466-9906 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

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